Corporate Events

We offer packages for fetes, carnivals, galas and company fun days.

  • Punch & Judy – normally 20 – 30 minute spots that can be spread out over the day or afternoon.
  • Magic Shows – 30 minutes spots of magic, again spread out over a timescale.
  • Balloon modelling – we offer balloon modelling as either a set fee to you, if you wish to charge families for this, it is entirely up to you, or we can offer as part of a fullday rate and offer it between spots of Magic and or Punch and Judy.
  • Schools – we offer a bespoke package that is only available through Nutty Norman – as part of the curriculum on puppets, we provide a 20 – 30 min Punch and Judy show, with a talk afterwards and show children how the puppets are carved, with examples. Children can then ask questions.  No limit on numbers, so more than one class can take part.